In order to withdraw from your bank account:
Please make a bank transfer to us and we'll send you the in return.
(Example: Transfer 100.95 AUD to our bank account, receive 100.95 
Use the bank details and reference number provided. 

Detailed Instructions: 

Step 1 (App)

  1. Open the app
  2. Select ‘ATM’ on your home screen
  3. Select 'Withdraw From Bank'
  4. Specify amount
  5. Select 'Withdraw'
  6. Follow instructions on screen to complete withdrawing

Step 2 (Personal Banking Platform)

  1. Go to your online banking platform or nearest branch
  2. Direct Deposit the amount of you want to withdraw from your bank account and deposit this amount into our bank account.
  3.  Find Bank Account details in App (Step 6), after you've followed Steps 1-5.

MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CRN (Customer Reference Number) as the description when doing the Bank Transfer. Failure to do this may delay the withdrawal.

If you don't know your CRN, you can find this in the confirmation e-mail you've received from ATM after completing Steps 1-5.