SkyNews (12/09/2016): CEO on Sky News

Dr Furche explains that coins and bank notes are stored on the user’s own device rather than as a database entry, and can be transferred from one user to another securely.

Discussing the differences with Bitcoin, ”we don’t digitise transactions, we digitise the value itself. Anybody who would otherwise use cash in the real world could be the target market for using our system“. is an investment of Capital Market Technologies (CMT) CMCRC’s investment arm.

Prime Minister's Innovation Prize Winner Mike Aitken next goal is

Mike Aitken, a university professor, whose fraud-detection computer program has revolutionised the world’s financial markets and won the Prime Minister’s Innovation Prize, has a bigger goal in sight – creating a financial market on your phone.

Professor Michael Aitken and his team created the SMARTS system, which catches insider trading and market manipulation around the world with such success it was sold in 2010 for $90 million to the world’s largest exchange company, the US-based Nasdaq.

Is it free to sign up?

Yes, is is free to sign up, as well as to have an account and to make transactions with the app. 
We don’t charge fees at all. 

Can I have multiple wallets?

There is no limitation on the number of wallets you may have.
You may move money between your wallets via payments to yourself.

How do I delete my account?

If you wish to stop using, simply remove the app from your device.
If you want to delete your account, please submit a formal request via our Support Centre.

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